Setting Sail

The San Diego Yacht Club Sailing Foundation had its beginnings in the 1970s when members expressed interest in finding ways to provide increased support for the club’s mission and ensure its future. Frank Hope Jr., and Nick Frazee helped circulate those early ideas. In 1988, Paul Rayburn wrote to Gary Gould suggesting that the club establish a memorial to Ash Brown. Once again, the need for an organized group to handle such matters became evident, and in 1990, the Sailing Foundation was incorporated.

The original intent was to use donations to support the Junior Sailing Program founded by Joe Jessop in 1928. Jessop foresaw the club’s future in the development of young sailing enthusiasts. Not only has that vision been realized, but the program has grown in size and scope, offering opportunities for all youngsters in the community to participate, to experience the thrill of sailing, and to develop the skills and confidence that come with good seamanship and the Corinthian yachting tradition. In 1995, in order to ensure the club’s continued leadership and the expansion of its programs and outreach, members acted to restructure the Sailing Foundation. It was incorporated as a non-profit organization, the San Diego Yacht Club Sailing Foundation, under a designation that allows it to support a wide variety of activities through tax-deductible contributions.

Given this opportunity, pride in our history, and the support of caring members who want to share their love of sailing, the San Diego Yacht Club is committed to growing the philanthropy that will continue to sustain the Sailing Foundation in its mission of promoting national and international amateur sailing, maritime education and competition among people in the San Diego Area.

The San Diego Yacht Club Sailing Foundation is a California, non-profit benefit corporation exempt from income tax under Internal Revenue Code section 501C(3) and is a “qualified amateur sports organization” under Section 501(j) of the Internal Revenue Code, IRS Tax ID No. 33-0510953. Contributions to the San Diego Yacht Club Sailing Foundation are tax-deductible.