What Have We Accomplished?

Each year the Foundation board of directors decides which programs to fund based on the mission statement and available funds. Strong support is always considered for the Junior Program and scholarships to allow talented youth to compete effectively.

In 2017, the grants were as follows:

$35,340 – SDYC Junior Program (5% of Jr. & Munster Endowments balance at June 30)
$13,500 – Grants to San Diego Area Active School Sailing Teams 
$ 7,500 – Grant to Mission Bay Aquatic Center 
$ 5,000 – San Diego Hall of Champions
$ 3,314 – Pacific Coast Interscholastic Sailing - (Grant from Bill Bennett Endowment)
$ 3,000 – Seascouts
$ 2,810 – SDYC - US Coast Guard Learn to Sail Program
$ 2,000 – Grants to San Diego County Team at High School Team Race Nationals 
$ 2,000 – Grants to San Diego County Team at High School Doublehanded Nationals 
$ 1,500 –- Southwestern Yacht Club Scholarships 
$ 500 – Grants to San Diego County Team at High School Singlehanded Nationals 
$ 500 – Paul Didham - Participant at the Laser Under 21 World Championship
$ 357 – Monarch School Outreach Program

$77,321 TOTAL 2017 GRANTS

Endowment Funds

Junior Sailing Fund – our goal is to ensure that the financial and organizational needs are met for our world-class youth sailing program both now and in the generations to come.

Foundation Fund – acts as a general fund for all gifts that do not have a specific designation.

Sailing Education Fund – supports a broad range of training programs available through the Club.

Scholarships and Outreach Programs Fund – encourages the learning of maritime skills in all categories.

Library and History Archives Fund – sustains and supports the library, archives and history of sailing within the mission of the Foundation.

Campaign and Regatta Participation Fund – supports competitors from the area in various maritime competitions.


Do You Want to Create a Legacy Endowment?

With a gift of $25,000 or more you can create your own custom endowment.


We want to make giving easy for you!

We are here to help! Please contact Sailing Foundation President Gary Gould at (619) 222-2331, or via email at sdycsf@gmail.com. We appreciate your support!